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Subject: Home Brew Spirits
Author: arkay
Oct 12th, 2015
1:14 am
Hi everyone,

I have just joined your forum, so if this isn't allowed please forgive me.

I used to make my own beer for years and I never had a bad one!

I eventually moved away from bottles and went over to 20 Liter Stainless "post-mix" kegs that I kept in a fridge which had a tap on the outside of the door.

It was so much quicker to do all the cleaning and to even put down my batches.

But over time I moved on to making my own Spirits.

What I am interested in finding out is, what the laws are in the Philippines for Home Brewing Spirits.

I am planning on retiring and settling there in the future and would like to continue to make my own.

Can anybody please help me?

Many thanks for any help that anyone can offer.



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