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Subject: skimming yorkshire square yeast
Author: spargebag
Oct 3rd, 2015
6:21 pm
As the air chills I'm contemplating the next brewing season and mastering the WLP n Yorkshire yeast. Last year everything I made w it had that nutty Sam Smith flavor but fermented down to nothing and was quite phenolic...the phenols mellow w age. My bw went from 1105 to 1008 and I'm used to underattenuation w this style.

I've read that at the ss brewery they skim the flocculated yeast off the top and allow the remaining yeast to do the work. I'd feel safe doing this to a special bitter but am nervous about a bw. I also wonder if skimming the yeast in a bucket setup would leave enough cells to clean up the diacetyl.

Anyone play with this strain enough to find the balance? I'm sure this is a great yeast once its mastered but for the home brewer it presents unique headaches.
Subject: Re: skimming yorkshire square yeast
Author: DConn
Oct 3rd, 2015
9:11 pm
I would guess that there's so much yeast in suspension that skimming won't affect attenuation. I think they do it at SS for more pragmatic reasons. It would be very hard to control attenuation by skimming.

ETA: so you're saying the yeast flocculates up? I don't think it does.
Subject: Re: skimming yorkshire square yeast
Author: spargebag
Oct 4th, 2015
12:26 pm
I was referring to the stage where the cells rise and clump together before dropping. At ss they agitate it to get it to finish. I (and others on the WLPsite) can't get it to stop working. Maybe if my next bw is 1130 I'll get some residual sweetness.

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