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Subject: Quick Peaches and Cream "Lambic": Advice?
Author: Majikoopa
Jun 7th, 2012
9:19 pm
Hey there! I'm relatively new to brewing at about 6 months experience, so I decided to come to the experts for an idea I've got. A couple months back, I brewed a smoked chili beer that turned out interestingly. Strangely though, after an extra few weeks of brewing, a delicious, sour lemony flavor came out that I fell in love with. I'm assuming that the lemony flavor came from wild yeast contamination that came in on the chilies I added in secondary. It didn't mesh great with the chili flavor, but I decided I want to harness something similar for my next brew- here's what I came up with:

Quick Peaches and Cream "Lambic"

1 Packet Roeselare yeast
1 Cup yeasty dregs of previous brew (safale US-05)
2 lbs amber extract
4 lbs wheat extract
1.5 Cups Lactose
1.5 oz Halltauer Hops
1/4 cup rice extract
.5 lb aromatic barley
.5 lb crystal barley

I went ahead and steeped my grains for 20 minutes at 170 degrees, removed them, brought to a boil and added my extract and half of the hops. Next I added the lactose sugar (for creaminess) which I mixed with about a pint of water and pre-boiled (to delude) before adding to the wort. This was about at the 30 minute mark, which is when I added the rest of the hops and the rice extract (on a whim).

Previously, I had preserved and kept a yeast culture from my old strain handy. When the wort cooled, I pitched the Roeselare yeast in with the yeast of my old batch. In a few weeks I'll shift to secondary fermentation and add some peach puree for about the last 5 days to impart peach flavor.

I know a real lambic takes around 6-18 months, but I really only want to get some sourness out of this. A guy in my local brew shop said the mixture of the two yeast strains could cut down on time while imparting some sourness to the batch, but I wanted to see what some experts on the forum think. I'm only gonna let this ferment for about 1 month total, then bottle age for another month to see if the sourness comes out.

What do you all think? (be gentle)
Subject: Re: Quick Peaches and Cream "Lambic": Advice?
Author: Langeneckert
Jun 7th, 2012
9:34 pm
I would wait to pitch the sour bacteria until at least the secondary. Its true that it will be faster to do it in the primary because the sour bacteria will be able to feed on all the easily metabolized sugars which will lower the amount of alcohol. I would make sure that you hit your target alcohol, then add the sour bacteria. The sour bacteria can metabolize sugars that yeast cannot. I would hate to see you end up with a sour beer that is only 1.5% alcohol. Youll still end up waiting a while. I would be patient and wait the 6 months to get a good well rounded sour flavor and not just a vinegar flavor.
Subject: Re: Quick Peaches and Cream "Lambic": Advice?
Author: jbakajust1
Jun 8th, 2012
10:05 pm
Wait. Unless you have the ability to refridgerate all 50+ bottles and chug them quick. If you bottle too soon, you'll end up with bottle bombs. Also, for the full extent of the Roselare you'll have to wait. The Lactose won't leave any mouthfeel since it is fermentable to Lactobacillus and Brett - it will just become alcohol. Also, I speak from experience, peach puree and bottle bombs suck. I did a Saison with apricot Puree and transferred the puree to the bottling bucket (didn't want to lose all that beer). Lots of sulfur and gushing. Don't move fast on a sour unless you know what you are doing. I bottled a sour at 4 weeks, but I did 3/4 gallon sour primary and 5 gals regular Saison down to 1.003 before mixing to bottle and primed low.

For your next attempt, go All Grain, or at least Partial-Mash. Use Flaked Oats or Buckwheat, they will impart a smooth mouthfeel that will not be totally destroyed by the souring bugs and Brett. Or use the Dupont Saison yeast and then finish with bugs, Brett, fruit. The Dupont strain puts out some type of chemical that gives a fuller mouthfeel even though it eats almost all the sugar. If you do grains, wait 6 months then add fruit for at least another 6 months. If Dupont, wait until down to 1.010, add fruit and bugs, wait at least 8 months.

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