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Forum Rules

  1. Be respectful of the questions and comments of others. It is OK to disagree with someone, but do so with respect. Keep the forum friendly and encouraging of everyone's participation. We will not tolerate rudeness, insults, personal attacks, inflammatory remarks, threats, racial/ethnic slurs, trolling, flame baiting or similarly disruptive postings.
  2. Forum topics must be brewing related. Any topics NOT brewing related, especially those related to religion or politics, will be deleted.
  3. Each member is allowed only one account. Attempts to register for multiple accounts may result in one or all of them being removed.
  4. If you are a product or service vendor, you are welcome to discuss your product here as long as you participate as a member rather than by using the site as a vehicle for free advertising. Violation of this rule will result in immediate account deletion.

The webmaster reserves the right to take steps not addressed in these rules in order to maintain a friendly and helpful environment.