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Recipe Calculation

BJCP Style
Recipe Type
Batch Size (gallons)
Boil Volume (gallons)
Apparent Attenuation % (Used to calculate final gravity)

Brewhouse Efficiency % (Used for grains whose usage is 'mashed')

If your favorite grain is missing, send it to us via the New Grain Request form.

Weight (lbs) Grain Use

Alpha Acids: Please specify the percentage alpha acid as listed in the hops you used if it differs from the average given.
Other hopping additions: In the time boiled column, use the following: MH=Mash Hopping, FWH=First Wort Hopping, DH=Dry hopping, KH=Keg Hopping

If your favorite hop is missing, send it to us via the New Hop Request form.

Weight (oz) Hop Form AA% Time Boiled
The next page will show you your calculated recipe. If you need to make any changes, you'll have the chance to come back to this page again.